smooth Wall mobile storage units


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Strong-Stor units are ready-to-assembly (RTA) mobile storage units, shipped flat-packed inside standard sea-containers for the optimal logistics advantage.

Possessing the same strong floor and structural framework found in a steel ISO container, however the greatly improved appearance of a flat-wall panel unit ideal for corporate logos. Plus the functionality of a steel roll-up door!

  • A Premium Storage Solution for: outdoor commercial goods storage, detached garages, mini-storage facilities, RV Storage facilties, farms or acreages, cabins or anywhere off-the-grid.

  • Pedestrian Breezeways - units can be linked end-to-end to create an ideal pedestrian corridor walkway for urban jobsites where public safety & site security is paramount.

The strongest commercial-grade, flat-wall panel mobile storage unit on the market today:

  • Max Gross Weight Capacity per unit:  14,000LB
  • Dry Weight: 2,600LB
  • Stackable 3-high fully-loaded

  • Qty 5 Strong-Stor units will ship flat-packed inside a single 20ft side-open shipping container (or) 10 units will ship inside a 40ft shipping container.
  • Each Strong-Stor unit is individually flat-packed with all wall components included, such that units can be individually distributed to your customers.
  • Assembly is very simple, just 5 manhours per unit, with only hand tools required.
  • Roll-up door available on 1 end of the unit (or) both ends, as desired.
  • Wall panels composed of holypan composite material – same material used in fire truck and ambulance vehicle bodies – very strong and secure, however lightweight.
  • Equipped with forkhole pockets for simple relocation on your site, or lifted by crane using the top corner castings.
  • Strong-Stor units are typically not subject to the same strict municipal bylaws that may prohibit standard steel shipping containers, as they are deemed to be an auxiliary building. (check with your local jurisdiction)