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Building solutions


A Paradigm Shift is on the horizon in the North American modular building market. Sophisticated offshore manufacturers are capable of producing very high quality pre-fabricated steel modular structures, with innovative designs and materials that will revolutionize the current North American portable building market.
Is your company poised to harness the power of the new global supply chain economy?

G4IS MODULAR LTD. is a full-service wholesale provider of steel-framed modular & containerized relocatable buildings and storage solutions that are designed to deliver. Our company serves as both agent and exclusive North American distributor for one of the world's leading global offshore modular manufacturers. This allows us to introduce some of the most innovative, functional and economical building solutions available in the world today.


We offer modular building units with a key competitive advantage: our product is specifically designed to be economically deliverable anywhere in the world. This is because our whole units and structures are certified and delivered as standardized ISO intermodal containers, the most proven freight unit in the world today. This allows us to utilize the standard freight channels to deliver our product- commercial ocean transport, rail network, commercial highway transport or barge - the most economically viable transport options available . No other building units on the market today can make this claim.

Alternatively, our manufacturer has perfected the flat-pack design method that allows multiple building units to ship inside a single ISO container, for final assembly at the project location. The net result is a truly unbeatable logistical advantage.

The ISO container design allows us to effectively access global markets and deliver product to the most remote locations not otherwise accessible with traditional North American wooden-stick-built structures.

versatility and portability

Our units are designed to be stackable, relocatable, versatile and functional. We cover a broad spectrum of modular building projects: construction jobsite office complexes,  temporary accommodation and housing facilities, offshore-marine building projects, and specialty storage container solutions. Our steel-framed modules possess a robust design that outlast the competition.

North American regulatory compliance

With a focus on Canadian regulatory compliance and a proven track record of successfully importing offshore product into Canada for nearly 20years, G4IS Modular is here to support your company with your next building project. Our manufacturer's facility is CSA A277 certified, CWB 47.1 steel welding certified, ISO 9001 and meets all applicable provincial building codes. With in-house professional engineering staff (P.Eng) and project management professionals (PMP), G4IS Modular has the ability to effectively support your next building project.

G4IS MODULAR...Building Solutions...Designed to Deliver.